DIY, How to make a Mehandi Cone at home and Tips to Darken Mehandi


Mehandi holds an important value in Indian tradition. It plays a crucial role in Karva Chauth, Teej , Eid, Weddings and all other festivals and occasions in India.
Apart from the role it plays in Indian culture, it is also known for its medicinal properties.
Now most of the times women visit parlours to get their Mehandi applied either because they don’t have time to do it at home or they are not aware of how to make a mehndi cone at home.


In this article, I am going to share an easy way to make Mehandi cone at home and also share few tips on how to darken your Mehandi.
Now let’s head on to:
How to make a mehndi cone at home and that’s also easily?
To make Henna cone or Mehandi cone at home you need three essential things which are listed below:
1. Scissors
2. A cello tape or clear tape whichever is convenient to you
3. A polythene sheet (to be precise covers in a file where you place your documents) such kind of sheet is required. Make sure it is not so a thick sheet.


mehandi designs 2018


Now let’s start it:
Step 1: For making the mehndi cone cut the sheet into 7 x 4 inches.
Step 2: Now place one finger at mid of the sheet and other at the end, and start folding it down as shown below.

mehndi design download


Step3: Now roll the sheet completely till you form the cone shape. One important thing to remind is to hold the tip of this cone firmly while moving the sheet to get a thin pointed tip.
Now hold the tip formed at the end by securing the cone with a cello tape.
Step 4: Now seal all the edges of cone firmly because the Mehandi paste might come out when pressure is applied on it and when the edges are loose the quantity of Mehandi paste that comes out of the tip will also be non-uniform.

simple mehndi design for beginners

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So in this way you can make a perfect mehndi cone at home.
Precautions to take:
1. Don’t select thick sheet for preparing the cone because you won’t have enough pressure over the Mehandi paste while applying and so it would be hurting to fingers while making designs.
2. Hold the tip of the sheet firmly to prepare the perfect cone and pay more attention that how much thick or thin tip of the cone you want.
3. If you are a beginner you can watch videos for how to make Mehandi cone. This will help you much better.
Let’s learn how to fill Henna/Mehandi paste into the cone:

mehndi design 2018 new style


1. Fill Henna paste into the prepared cone with the help of a small Spatula or Spoon.
2. After filling the cone with Mehandi paste try to press it at the end in order to remove the air.
3. Now use a scotch tape or cello tape to seal the end of the cone.
4. After sealing the end again make a fold and then tape once again.
5. Repeat this process till you make sure that paste is not going to come out of the cone.
It’s all done now, ready to use!

Now let’s head on to “How to darken your Mehandi?”
1. If you are making the Mehandi paste by yourself, it is fine and good. So first thing you must do is to buy a good quality Mehandi powder to prepare the paste.
2. The second most important thing is to protect yourself from getting patchy stains due to mehndi paste, so exfoliate your skin by washing your hands with soap or using some creams that remove dead cells.
3. By exfoliating the skin, we make sure that henna paste sticks well to your hands.
4. To make the Henna last on your skin for more time prepare a sealant as shown below
a. Take a (1tbsp) tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and mix it with two teaspoons of sugar.

mehndi design for hands rajasthani


b. Mix the solution in such a way that there is no sugar left undissolved.
5. Now apply the prepared Mehandi paste to your hands before applying the sealant.
6. Make sure that that Mehandi applied on your hand is dried before you apply this sealant.
7. Once you are pretty sure that your Mehandi has dried, then dip your cotton plug in this sealant and use it on the ends to remove excess paste.
8. Don’t apply an excess of this sealant on your hands because there is a chance of getting blurred stains.
9. Cover the entire surface of your hand (where you have applied mehndi) with this sealant gently.
10. Now keep the Mehandi applied as long as you can on your hand.
11. Now scrape off the paste after some time and you would be amazed to see the dark colour of Mehandi on your hand.
12. Don’t wet your hands for a day in water so, that you can maintain the Mehandi for a bit longer time.
13. You can also apply Vicks or other product that has Peppermint, as it help to darken the Mehandi color.

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