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Henna mehndi designs play an important role in an individual life it is a material that graciously applied front side back side of the palm as well as on the feet also. Henna mehndi designs can be applied to the different manner with different styles to achieve more grace. On the back side of palm a design has been implemented in which the sun is drawn with flowers, leaves, and some other circular ways thing. Henna mehndi design is mostly used to decorate the back end of the palm with some spacious and enchantic look. All the patterns used in decorating back side and the front side of the hand is very much similar to the front one. The fashion statement that may be used is to fill all the blank spaces with some small flowers as well as stars so no space has remained between the large patterns. Artist may give birth to a variety of designs that are completely suitable for each and every kind of hands.

The back side of the palm look is more visible than the front side. So it has been necessary that back side of the hand is decorated with several henna designs so it may look fantastic.

Oranges and red color mehndi are very common in the All mehndi designs for hands while black henna will gain more attraction and attentions of brides because after washing hands pretty palms are decorative with black colors patterns look stunning.

Henna Mehndi Designs latest images


latest henna design  henna mehndi design images

henna mehndi designs images


Small floral henna designs:

At times applying behind the palms has too much hassle. So the amazing idea is to Mehandi Design for hands some small flowers which look ravishing at the back of palms. It is plain sailing to make this design by yourself.

Long arm length henna designing:

Again flower and leaves designs work wonders for the arm length henna design making on your hands. There are various flower designs which you can take the idea to apply it by yourself on your hands and adorn your beautiful hands eventually.

Same henna designing on both hands back:

Well, here you can face the problem if you are not ambidextrous. You will be able to apply design by yourself on just one of your hand. Suppose, if you are left handed, it is easy for you to make Bangle mehndi design on your right hand and vice versa. For the other hand’s backside, you can ask someone to apply it for you, which will again be quite easy for another person too.

Magnificent henna design for the young girls:

Girls desire to have the most classy mehndi design to be applied on their hands. They opt for the gorgeous mehndi designs which add a different charm to their beauty. There are the variety of girly mehndi designs which appears to be enthralling.

Single strokes henna designs to beautify your hands:

At first, you can start with making easy henna designs and then fill up with the single strokes which give it a drop-dead look and a sure fire to grab eyeballs of your friends when they watch your beautiful hand designs applied hands.

All you have to do is to make some lovely and simple henna designs on your hands and fill that design with some single strokes making.

Henna designs which give a traditional look:

This is yet another astounding design which you can make by yourself hassle-free. All you need to draw is a beautiful flower. It works wonders when applied at the back side of the hand. You can make the matching design on the fingers which will give it the classy look.

Sunflower henna designing:

In this kind of new Mehandi designs, you can leave the palm area of your hands without any design and apply the henna by making the sunflower design at the back side of the hands at the side portion which will give a decent as well as ravishing look altogether.

Closing Thoughts:

Henna designs make a girl crazy to the core. Various girls love to apply henna on their hands on various occasions as well as just for flaunting their love for henna, they apply without any festivity or occasion too.

Henna, when applied on the hands embellish the beautiful hands completely. Girl’s show their hands to their friends after applying to get some rave comments which leaves them blushing. 😉

So, dear girls, what are you waiting for?

Just get the henna paste filled cone from your nearest fancy and get your creative juices flowing on the palms of your hands and the back side too.

Happy designing! 🙂

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