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52. Mehndi Design Heart:-

The most important fragment in Indian culture mehndi design is the shake of pretty heart. The design of pretty heart on the palm and wrist give a stunning look to an individual hand. Heart shape has been used in traditional mehndi also when the palm has been brought up together then half of hearts on both the palms combine to form a full shape design. A heart shape mehndi design is also drawn on the back side of the palm which is further attached with small heart design drawn on the back of the finger. This is one of the best and simple designs that become an attraction on various party occasions. A single heart is drawn in the middle of palm take heart design to a new level which looks descent. The combination of heart shape with peacock design will achieve a different level because it assists to look more beautified with the matching accessories. Not only in India heart shape design is also gain popularities in the western countries also. Several tattoos with heart shape are following in these countries these designs are intricate and simple that everyone wants to decorate their body parts that look so authenticate with them.

53. Mehndi Design Back Hand:-

The back side of the palm look is more visible then the front side. So it has been necessary that back side of the hand is decorated with several henna designs so it may look fantastic. Like front side mehndi designs back side may also involve several patterns of design the most and famous pattern that may widely used is floral geometry. This is the combination of lines, flowers, as well as tendrils. The another one is round mehndi design that give a traditional look like Ghevar in this a circle has been made and decorated it with some small patterns so it will give ethnic group. Not only the palm decoration is mandatory but the fingers have also plays an important role in beautifying the appearance of the hands. A delicate design with a fusion look makes the hand prettier and eye catching on several parties and occasions. Some designs such as minimal design may include a unique concept of  decorating the fingers with heavy patterns but the rest one should be very light. Henna is not only famous in ladies but also in children. Childhood scenery is easy to design and give a traditional look to the hands.

54. Mehndi Design Backhand Floral:-

Henna plays an important role in an individual life it is a material that graciously applied front side back side of the palm as well as on the feet also. Henna can be applied with different manner with different styles to achieve more grace. On the back side of palm a design has been implemented in which the sun is drawn with flowers, leaves, and some other circular ways thing. This design is mostly used to decorate the back end of the palm with some spacious and enchantic look. All the patterns used in decorating back side and front side of the hand is very much similar to the front one. The fashion statement that may be used is to fill all the blank spaces with some small flowers as well as stars so no space has been remained between the large patterns. Artist may give birth to variety of henna designs that are completely suitable for each and every kind of hands. Floral base goes perfect with these kind of designs in which the beginning is from a heavy and traditional design and then connected with finger with some cris cross pattern and chain pattern the other responsibility is to fill all the gaps that are associated with them in a perfect manner.

55. Mehndi Design Red:-

Red is a traditional color among ladies. This color has an importance in religious festivals and other traditional activities in India. This type of mehndi design may engross red color henna to generate several patterns that look unique and distinct. The red color in the mehndi design provides an astonishing and wonderful appearance to the ladies hand. The artists that are expertise in designing with red color mehndi must include dotted and block structures. To get a red look of hand artist used some effective chemicals with mehndi and then decorate the hand according to the person need. But they carefully apply the designs patterns on sensitive portions. But the designing technique that may involve in creation of some patterns that give an enchanting look. It becomes a modern way of designing the heavy pattern with pretty color red. Red color glitters are used to fill the inner gaps in the full hand designs that may look impressive. This color perfectly complements with dark nail colors. The shaded patterns are also with red colors in bridal mehndi design. When a traditional design has been made and decorate it with red color glitter then that will enhance the beauty of the palm.

57. Popular Mehndi designs:

The utilizations of mehndi designs are mentioned in the earliest Hindu rituals books. Mehndi is a custom that is followed by almost every religion of people. Indian Mehndi designs consist a beautiful painting of sun on pretty palms, feet and arms. While in western culture this is a modern way to decorate several body parts with simple designs. Now this becomes a cool factor that may convert into the tattoo shape. In the modern age shortage of time ladies buy readymade cones to draw some interesting patterns on their hands. These days’ mehndi designs become fashion statements among young girls also. Mehndi designs may involve four different types of designs such as Bridal, Traditional, Arabic as well as simple mehndi designs. In Arabic long flower patterns are used to decoration purpose while in traditional Mehndi design especially peacock and mango patterns must include.

58. Mehndi Design 2013

Fashion may have different aspects when it compare from different angles. Applying mehndi is oldest trends that are mostly preferred in other countries but especially in India. Mehndi is a decoration that is easily applied on beautiful hands and legs. In 2013 there is a great boom of full hand and legs mehndi designs. This is because most of the ladies and girls love to apply mehndi of 2013 on their several body parts for any event, function, parties etc. According to fashion statements makeup is incomplete with mehndi. So full hand mehndi design are in more demand with its unique look.

59. Traditional Henna Design:-

Mehndi design is a simple technique that is used for coloring hands or legs is popular in India and other countries. Mehndi is known as traditional art which can apply on several ladies hands as well as feet which provide a perfect appearance at the time of bridal wedding. Mehndi design look beautiful, some unique patterns that may include in Traditional designs are peacock, mangoes motifs with some other designs. These designs are widely used in henna that decorate the hands and all the designs are differentiate from each other but they also give the best compliment with other designs patterns. Sometimes girls are so crazy about these designs they can made on their neck, shoulder to give a fantastic look and do something distinct.  From last few years designing of mehndi for wedding matters a lot for the bribe so it is compulsory to create some useful patterns followed by traditional techniques. Due to this the primary responsibility of artist to make some interesting design that look fabulous on bridal hand and she also feel happy by applying the design. She thinks that her dream comes true with it and the charm of happiness reflects on her face make the wedding so special.

60. Mehndi Design Full Hand Casual:-

In Asian and Arab countries henna plays an important role because applying mehndi is a crucial culture in the weddings. Nowadays when the time changes but brides have to follow that ritual but according to their needs and they are embellish their hands, feet as well as arms with extraordinary mehndi designs with some of slight variations. Mainly the designs have been classified in Indian and Pakistani and Arabic, mehndi designs. All these designs have distinct features of uniqueness. Full hand designs may consider different type of design such as peacock design in which middle of palm is filled with peacock design while fingers are covered with other simple lines and creepers. The other one is bridal mehndi in which structure of Dulha-Dulhan is created. But the latest one will contain detailing of peacock, stripes, florals etc. Shaded full hand design also gain popularity because this design will furnish different variety of colors shade in the hand that look more charming and beautiful. The last one design that must consider in these designs are professional designs that contains some professional designs which look enchanting and pretty. Its twist and turns give a designer look.  Arabic mehndi design is also consider in this type of design.

Closing Thoughts:

Henna designs make a girl crazy to the core. Various girls love to apply henna on their hands on various occasions as well as just for flaunting their love for henna, they apply without any festivity or occasion too.

Henna, when applied on the hands embellish the beautiful hands completely. Girl’s show their hands to their friends after applying to get some rave comments which leaves them blushing. 😉

So, dear girls, what are you waiting for?

Just get the henna paste filled cone from your nearest fancy and get your creative juices flowing on the palms of your hands and the back side too.

Happy designing! 🙂

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