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The most important fragment in Indian culture Bangle Mehndi Designs is known as the chudi designs. The kangan design on the wrist gives a stunning look to an individual hand. In these modern days, the latest bangles design is use by the bride in the wedding or other some occasions. New Easy mehndi designs for hands use Like front side mehndi designs back side may also involve several patterns of design the most and famous pattern that may widely be used is floral geometry. Bangle mehndi designs for hands videos

There are different types of Bangle Mehandi designs which are mention below

 1 . Bracelet Mehandi Design

2. Chudi Mehandi Design

 1 . Bracelet Mehndi Design

Bracelet style mehendi designs are very famous in the Indian Culture.The utilizations of Bracelet Mehndi Designs are mentioned in the earliest Hindu rituals books. This is the combination of lines, flowers, as well as tendrils. Beautiful hands with mehendi and bangles looking very great of the Bride on the wedding.

Images of Bracelet designs

Bracelet designs Images are shown below

bangle mehndi design 2017

kangan mehndi design

designer bangles images

2. Chudi (Bangle) Mehndi Design

Bangles are sometimes be to very uncomfortable to handle but necessary for the bride so then Chudi or kangan designs is helpful.The another one is ring mehndi designs that give a traditional look like the artificial ring in this a circle has been made and decorated it with some small patterns so that it will give the ethnic group. Not only the palm decoration is mandatory, in the simple bangle designs, but the fingers have also played an important role in beautifying the appearance of the hands. A delicate bengali mehndi design with a fusion look makes the hand prettier and eye catching on several parties and occasions. Some different henna mehndi designs such as minimal design may include a unique concept of decorating the fingers with heavy patterns but the rest one should be very light.Beautiful hands with mehendi and bangles are not only famous in ladies but also in children. Childhood scenery is easy to design and give a traditional look to the hands. Beautiful bangles images are shown below.

different types of mehendi designs

mehndi hands with bangles images

mehandi bangle design

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