Who Am I ?

mehndi design

23-year-old Indian girl (born and raised in Chandigarh) with a huge love for friends, family, fashion & travel. Blogger, model, designer, entrepreneur. You can call me whatever you like, I guess I don’t really know what to call myself either. Let’s just say I live my life to the fullest and I take every opportunity I get to fulfill my dreams. And most of all have fun.

I guess that’s how all this started. I was 21 years old when I started this blog, all I wanted was to keep a journal of my normal teenage life and everything that comes with it. You know, school, friends, boyfriend, family issues. I had absolutely no idea that it would change my whole life.

Well, I still felt like any other teenager out there. I was still in school and I didn’t know what to do with my life yet. Maybe that was what my readers liked about me and my blog, that I was just a normal girl who didn’t pretend to be someone else, a girl who chose to go her own way despites people’s objections. My interest in fashion, music & travel started growing.

And with hard work and supportive people around me, here I am today.I could go on even more and I honestly have to remind myself all the time that yes, this is for real. It is really happening. One thing is crystal clear, though; I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the support of my amazing readers.

I left the laws and numbers to pursue my true passion. After leaving my career of Law and Economics I began studying journalism. Shortly thereafter, in the spring of 2014 I founded Grupo134, the blog where I shares my passion for fashion.

I consider myself a cheerful and optimistic girl. I am aware that I am a very lucky person, now I can do things that I never dreamed. However, in reality, my life has not changed that much. What I still more to like in the world is to leave reeds with my friends, enjoy a cookout, eating chocolate on the couch watching my favorite TV show on Sundays and order pizza. ”


Aanchal Ahuja