Mehandi designs

Mehndi is a natural material that has been used for centuries to make marvelous designs as well as patterns on several body parts. It is a spiritual form of decoration to apply that give a gorgeous look to your hands. This ceremonial is first originated in Indian subcontinent before 500 years ago by Mughal Empires.

Mehndi has a significant role in wedding ceremonies, diverse religious events, and traditional ceremonies. According to Indian culture, wedding ceremonies are incomplete without Mehndi. Various texture and patterns always enchanted the way of glory on pretty hands. This art has not been used in India but also it has been appreciated in other countries also. Western people also like to create beautiful Indian beautiful designs of mehndi on their hands. Applying mehndi on legs can enhance the charm of this enticing art. Mehndi is very much popular in all age groups. Sometimes cute angels or kids also demanded to apply mehndi designs on their seet little hands.

Here are some of the class mehndi designs which will make you jump out of your skin:

1. Glamorous Indian Mehndi Designs

mehndi designs    mehndi designs for hand

The convention of wearing mehndi begins from earlier centuries. But now frequent modern designs are available globally in several fashion magazines and artists also experiments with the combination of various available designs. These are specially created to look glamorous as well as enhancing the standard of mehndi. These designs have been created like ornaments such as bracelets, rings etc. This will give a unique and stunning look for girls pretty hands. Girls can also use red color to give an exclusive touch and they also used mehndi as a tattoo on their shoulders and backside etc all of this will give a glamorous look to them.

2. Mehendi Pattern For Household

Indian Mehndi Designs
Simple mehndi designs
are the most popular trend in girls and ladies that are households in several body parts. Using Mehndi is an art which liked by modern girls and household ladies also. Mostly girls must prefer simple Mehndi designs for their hands and feet. Some modern girls will implement the household Mehndi Designs on their back side of neck appear to be cool and elegant. In household mehndi designs mostly flowers and creepers designs, net and mesh, simple flowers are widely implemented in it. Ladies become happier when they saw they beautiful color of henna on the pretty hands.

3. Stunning Mehandi designers for the young girls:

mehndi designs for wedding

If today’s era is to be believed, applying henna has taken the next level from then to now. Even some of the colleges and schools let their students show their passion and knack in the creativity of henna design art making. Some of the girls from those groups later make it as their profession which helps them make good earnings.

4. Mesh Pattern Indian Mehndi Design

mehndi designs for kids

When the ladies are getting bored with heavy floral designs then mesh or pattern is the best alternative which the artists can make in their designs. Small mesh designs are created between beautiful circles that give an enchanting look to prettier and foot. Mesh design can cover easily your palms as well foot easily and seems like a beautiful net has been flourished on them. This design is the best compliment with circular as well as leaves mehndi designs. Some artist will implement this pattern on the bridal designs and religion festival also. But this kind of design is popular in girls when they apply mehndi for parties and occasions.

5. Some flower Mehendi designing:

mehndi designs images free download

Some of the floral mehndi design is quite easy to apply even for the amateur people without much of the training in mehndi design making the course. Floral mehndi designs leave the girls spellbound as it appears to be very elegant.

6. Small floral henna designs:

henna mehndi designs

At times applying henna behind the palms has too much hassle. So the amazing idea is to design some small flowers which look ravishing at the back of palms. It is plain sailing to make this design by yourself.

7. Decorative Indian Mehndi Design

simple mehndi designs for hand

 Indian involve designs are ceremonial traditions that may include by several cultures used to beautify their special events. The tradition of applying mehndi had started before thousands year ago. This is a traditional popular art that may combine with traditional rituals that are completely festive nature. The decoration of functions can be seen on adorning women hands, arms. In this kind of designs, simple net and mesh pattern will include some simple Arabic design. Some small flowers are also used to decorate the portion of middle palm and the fingers are designed with beautiful leaves and creeper.

8. Long arm length henna designing:

arabic mehndi designs for hands

Again flower and leaves designs work as wonders for the arm length henna design making on your hands. There are various flower designs which you can take the idea to apply it by yourself on your hands and adorn your beautiful hands eventually.

9. Peacock Indian Mehandi Design

mehandi designs images for hands

The most favorable design among Indian is a peacock body structure. This pretty design has been popular for its beauty and drawing patterns that resemble with its body structure make them more attractive and appearing. Almost every girl in India loves to apply it on their palms but this will need a perfection to design the body structure of a peacock perfectly. This will include an attractive peacock. Which must design in between the flower structure and makes your mehndi complete sometimes the edge of peacock has been darkening so the pattern looks sleek and gives the stylish and trendy look.

10. Same henna designing on both hands back:

bridal mehndi design latest

Well, here you can face the problem if you are not ambidextrous. You will be able to apply henna design by yourself on just one of your hand. Suppose, if you are left handed, it is easy for you to make mehndi design on your right hand and vice versa. For the other hand’s backside, you can ask someone to apply it for you, which will again be quite easy for another person too.

11. Magnificent henna design for the young girls:

mehandi designs for hands images free download

Girls desire to have the most classy mehndi design to be applied on their hands. They opt for the gorgeous mehndi designs which add a different charm to their beauty. There are the variety of girly mehndi designs which appears to be enthralling.

12. Single strokes henna designs to beautify your hands:

mehndi design video in hindi

At first, you can start with making mehndi designs and then fill up with the single strokes which give it a drop-dead look and a sure fire to grab eyeballs of your friends when they watch your beautiful henna applied hands.

All you have to do is to make some lovely and simple henna designs on your hands and fill that design with some single strokes making.

13. Henna designs which give a traditional look:

new mehndi designs for hands

This is yet another astounding design which you can make by yourself hassle-free. All you need to draw is a beautiful flower. It works wonders when applied at the back side of the hand. You can make the matching design on the fingers which will give it the classy look.

14. Lovely mehndi designs for the wedding occasions:

simple arabic mehndi designs images

At the time of wedding occasion people opt for adorning themselves with glamorous jewellery, so in this kind of mehndi design you can fill your fingers with the designing covering just small part of your back side hand with mehndi design and leave the down portion of the hand without any design as it will cover with the jewellery.

15. Back Hand Indian Design

back hand mehandi designs

If the front side of palm must look pretty this is a mandatory condition then it is also necessary to make the backside of palm more visible and attractive. Several patterns such as floral geometry, round design, wrist twists, and the sunshine etc. The floral design for back side is simple in which the combination of flowers, tendrils give a unique look while the round design much like the sweet Ghevar. In this circles are beautifully decorated and appear ethic. The main emphasis of wrist design is to decorate the wrist with pretty designs while in sunshine design the hands look very much similar to landscape sceneries. One of the most favorable back design is floral design with some thick lines because it covers more space and gives a dense pattern to prettier hands.

16. Elegant mehndi design just for small part of your fingers:

new bridal mehndi designs


This is the quite simple mehndi design for the working women who do not opt for filling the whole hand with the mehndi designs. They can make beautiful and creative mehndi art design just on the small part of their fingers.

17. Lotus Flower design for your beautiful designs:

mehndi designs for hands arabic

This is yet another quite easy to make mehndi design by yourself. Lotus flower is just very simple to make on the hands as compared to other flowers. After making a beautiful lotus flower, later on, you can make some class design along with shading inside each design. It will give the awesome look on your hands after the rich henna color shows its amazing color and gets darkened by itself.

18. Sunflower henna designing:

latest mehndi design for weddings

In this kind of mehndi design, you can leave the palm area of your hands without any design and apply the henna by making the sunflower design at the back side of the hands at the side portion which will give a decent as well as ravishing look altogether.

19. Foot Indian Mehandi Design

mehndi designs bridal

The mehendi designs on feet are very much coordinated with hand design. But the difficulty of the artist is that the foot designs have been completely different from the one’s hand. Mostly traditional designs are paired with toe rings that give bridal look to foot. The mehndi design on ankle and feet enhance the beauty of bride with makeup, jewelry as well as the ensemble. Some designs contain geometric pattern with excellent borders. While some will choose the floral design in which flowers, as well as leaves, are shaded with spiral dots and lines. This design will assist bride to look more alluring and feminine on wedding ceremonies.

20. Glittering mehndi design for embellishing your hands:

mehndi designs full hand

In today’s date, the way of applying henna is changing. Girls desire to have the glossier look on their hands after applying henna. You can prefer to use the glittering glue for your hands after applying the complete henna design. Ahem ahem! When your friends will see your henna, they will be left with just one word to say, wow”.

21. Zigzag mehndi art design to adorn your hands:

simple mehndi designs for beginners

For some girls, making the flowers and leaves mehndi design is not a piece of cake. This mehndi design is best to apply for them. The zig-zag pattern mehndi designs appear to be charming when applied on the palm and back side of the hands.

It is a kind of trendy and stylish designing pattern which can be made by any girl herself on her hands.

22. Striking Arabic mehndi art designs:

latest mehndi design free download

The floral mehndi design itself attracts to a lot of extents when applied on the hands. The blend of the flower with Arabic henna design gives the astonishing look to the beautiful hands.

Arabic designs are the most loved by every girl. It looks charming and beautiful after it is applied on the hands.

23. Classy mehndi design for the office party or function:

bridal mehndi designs for full hands front and back

For making the mehndi design if you are headed toward any office party, you can opt for making some small mehndi design applied on some of your fingers and just leave the rest of your hand empty or clean. These kinds of funky henna design look decent with any attire you wear for the office parties.

24. Full-Length Indian Mehndi Design For Hands

image of mehandi designs

The fragrant mehndi design enhances the beauty of bride’s hands but also bring intrigue to the wedding guests. A variety of designs are widely available in the market but a Full length Indian mehndi has been selected by bridals. In this design long flower motifs and leaves can give a dramatic as well as enchanting look. Full-length designs make bride gorgeous so she feels that her dream come true before the wedding. Mostly the palm can be ornamented with this kind of designs and become an eye-catching factor in the wedding for guests. This design makes a celebration more magnificent and best compliment with jewellery.

25. Black Indian Mehendi Design

Black mehndi designs are classy and awesome the girls ever wanted. It gains much popularity in all over the India. Mehndi is a cultural part of Indian wedding so its types are related to diverse colours and designs. But nowadays Black mehandi designs has the desired collection that is mostly required by girls for occasional functions, parties etc. Mostly simple and sweet images are created that are perfectly matched with fingernails and toenails also. In this design heart and round shapes has more importance to making a perfect design when it has been applying with the palms on the front and back side. Small stars give an adorable look and different colour glitter is also used to decorate the designs as well.

images of mehandi